Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I'm Doing This and How I'd Like It To Work

Every time I go to watch something, I feel anxious, indecisive and don't know what to watch. There are so many films I haven't seen and directors I haven't really studied. I long to be back in the classroom, with a purpose in watching certain films. A classroom provides focus and expectation. But what if I could do it on my own!? I worked with a professor where I planned classes, made handouts and helped choose which films to watch, so why not create classes for myself? A focused study of films I've been wanting to watch for a long time.
So here it is, a class on Ozu, the great Japanese dramatist and three European art-film directors, all of whom I really should know well if I want to consider myself versed in cinema.
And hey, if I'm doing all this work, might as well let others join in, right?
How it's going to work: on the day scheduled for the film, I will post a handout and supplemental materials. Hopefully everyone will be able to watch the film on that day or close to it, take a couple days to let it settle in the mind, re-watch or read articles and then post thoughts and comment on what others posted.
Don't be shy, we're all friends here. And I trust we will all keep our personal pretension in check.
I look forward to hearing from everyone. Email if you have any questions or suggestions.
Most of all, enjoy the films.


Cameron White said...

I'm really happy that you've undertaken this project and invited us to come along with you. I hope today's screening went well and I'm excited for everybody to comment on this blog and their personal blogs as well. I'll be a couple days late as I'm awaiting netflix, so I'll let you know...cheers again and good luck to all!

jamesonnephi said...

I'm so glad you commmented!
I wondering if there's a way to make commenting more visible?